Can Anyone review my blog?


here is my blog gamerzsociety,
Please review my blog and let me know about the mistakes that I made.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Do share with us something about your blog mate. :slight_smile:


Here are few things now u should do…Arrange your images properly as i came across the notebook review some images were not clearly visible.

Secondly remove or rename uncategorized category.


@pradeepkumar @Soham_Pratap
thanks for your replies.

what do you think about my blog .
i need your suggestions and ideas for getting more traffic.
and i want to make some money.
please guide me.

-thanks in advance


I don’t really see that much of content on your blog mate, would suggest you to figure out a strategy and publish some articles first. Only if you have more content, we’ll be able to monetize it properly, more importantly, monetize it consistently. :slight_smile:


As @pradeepkumar said you still have much low content. Also you should focus on internal linking. I think I did not see a single interlink.



I became a fan of your blog after reading the article named " HDD vs SSD "

you are writing really well.

Here are tips for you:

  1. Write more blog posts ( Quality matters here )

  2. Build some backlinks ( Quality matters here again )

  3. Share your blog posts on Social Media.

  4. Read this blog post

Last but not the least, Making money is so hard. Wait until you get some traffic and then monetize your blog.