Can anybody tell from where I can download premium but not nulled themes?


(Anil Singh) #1

Cany anybody tell from where i can download premium but not nulled themes?

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(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi @Anil_Singh, I think the only legitimate way for this, is to get it directly from the theme developer or brand. Here are some ways you can get it:

  1. Email the theme developer and ask for a review copy. You have to review the theme on your blog + you get to use the theme for free!

  2. Email the theme developer and ask for a giveaway copy.

  3. If your friends have this theme, you can request them to share it with you.

  4. Pick 4-5 Bloggers who need this theme and you can group-buy the theme. By this, you’ll be investing less and you can get this theme!

I wouldn’t suggest you use any pirated ones available online, even if you are getting a $100 theme for free, you don’t really want to risk your website’s security by this. Best wishes! :slight_smile:

(Soham Pratap) #3

Agreed never take themes that you get from some torrent, warez or some other websites that give premium themes for free.

Just askyourself, why will someone give you an 100$ just for free?

(Anil Singh) #4

Yeah i know the disadvantages of nulled themes that’s why i posted here

(Parth Patel) #5

Hey anil,
There are some sites who offer premium themes and plugins with GPL license for free. Its legal as GPL License allows you to share or sell their products without any issue. account) and$10 per month)
I bought for a month and I was satisfied with them.
Hope this helps.

(Tushar Ramani) #6

If you need any premium licenced theme from below list then tell me i will provide you for free :slight_smile: .

I have schema, newspaper, all theme-junkie themes, rehub, couponxl.

(Abhishek Shah) #8

Hey @Tushar_Ramani I need rehub theme.
I would be very thankful for it.

(Soham Pratap) #9

You are taking Nulled in other direction.

Let me explain a Nulled theme is the theme where you remove or change the source codes of the theme which will not ask for purchase code or activation code.

So, what I did is I have a theme from themeforest named ???theme.
When you install it it will ask you for purchase code.
What I do is remove the specific code which would not ask for purchase code.
This way it is Nulled.

If any way I give you premium theme you can never use it without purchase code.

There are some themes like Genesis which do not ask for purchase code.

But, there are few people who also inject malicious code.

(Ayyappa Raju) #10

Is It Safe To Download Yoast SEO Premium From ??

(Pradeep Kumar) #11

I won’t recommend it bro… you can download the official plugin via the official website only.