Calculating the price tag of a blog


Amazon blog making an average of $180 to $200 every month. 100% sales from organic traffic, ranking for few good keywords consistently since some time.

Few forum backlinks (say 3-5), got 42 articles each of at least 700 to 1000 words or more. High conversion rates on Amazon, organic traffic comes around 2800 users per month on average.

Let me know a price tag for this blog, also share your selling experiences and the platforms you’ve tried.

Very thank you! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome @kmoorthyd, automated Amazon niche blogs are pretty popular amongst buyers. But, is your blog focusing on a particular product or general Amazon affiliates blog? Like a review website? :slight_smile:


It’s a product review blog with comparisons and detailed review articles. I write about different products from different brands. It’s not a brand based blog.


I personally sold 4-5 blogs on Flippa and it was quite good, but I hate the part where Flippa takes the commission though. But you can try forums like DigitalPoint or Buy/Sell Facebook groups, if you can get the buyer directly, you can save a lot. IMO, you can sell it for more than $3000 more or less easily. :slight_smile:


Exactly I was planning to put $3000 reserve on Flippa. Let me give this a try. :slight_smile: I agree with you, their commission is weird.