Buy to 2.0 weblink is beneficial to increase DA and Search ranking?


Some one offer 100 2.0 weblink in Rs.600, should I buy it for increase my blog DA, did it beneficial or harmful for my blog please friends tell me


Do not use such bulk service. Just 10-12 will do just fine. Web 2’s are a great way to stack the authority. So, create them manually with some unique content. Go with this schedule.

10 Blogs
TAT: 30 Days
Create 1 post on every blog - 1 day
Post another article on every blog after 2 days
Wait for couple of days
Again post another article on 10 blogs.
Wait for a week.
Now update the second article with your blog link and post a new article on every web 2.0
After few days post another article on every web 2.0

This way your web 2’s look natural to the bots. Blogs won’t get deleted after some time. Update them with new content every month.

PS: Follow this method ONLY, if you’re looking for long term business.


did it beneficial

Yes it is benificial if the quality of backlinks are good.

So first check the links quality by using backlink analysis tools like ahref and moz open explorer tool.

If moz said, the web2.0 does not have good DA itself, then how it can benefits to your site?

or harmful for my blog

Yes, it’s harmful because you’re participating in blackhat technique, and you should use such type of technique only on niche blogs(bcoz it’s die and born). So If you think about long term blogger like then you should never participate on such type of techniques.