Building PBN is Still Profitable in 2017?



Hey Guys, I Wanted to ask that Now a day Google Kicking PBNs. [not sure]
So PBN is Profitable Now?


If you are looking from Google’s point of view then yes PBN is getting a great hit and it’s going down by the day. But, if you are thinking from user’s point of view then PBN can never go down. If you make every blog in your possession as a brand and promote your other blog as an equal brand for a different niche to your existing users then there’s a very good chance that people will actually consider your second brand as well.
As the saying goes, it’s always easier to approach to an existing customer as compared to making a new one. So in a gist, your existing customer will very likely visit your other blogs as well if you provide the same high-quality stuff on them as you provide on the first one. But, for a new customer (visitors in blog case) you have to make every blog’s authority is still going to be a challenge.

I have written everything from a brand’s perspective rather than specifically from blog and SEO related stuff. So you’ll have to corellate everything here.


If you asking in terms of ranking then yes it is still working. But I suggest you should build yourself.

I know there are some PBN hosting out there who host your site on different IP’s, but we didn’t know who is our neighbor. For example your site A is hosting on IP and site B on IP, it means they host your site on different IP address, and hence you assume they are perfect PBN host provider but there is some problem. When they create new instance again in cloud host, then they got same class IP address which means , on that IP they host someone else website. So here they are actually hosting your site on different website that is true, but your neighbor also using same host for PBN purpose.