Branding Suggestions


I started Blogging in 2014 under a domain name backbenchideas,com,A tech blog which was hosted on blogger till now and just the migration was going on.I didn’t worked on my blogs due to academics etc…I just went back of money with some freelancing works :frowning: .So the domain starts sleeping.As i loved the name,i started renewing it every year and I am free from my academics from May 2017.

First thing,I had done was keeping my self away from freelancing works.I personally started 2 websites of different niches and thinking to start more and i am into professional blogging or call it as full time blogging .

Few days back,I started getting interest in branding and thought of setting up a name for all of my blogs and finally i pick up my domain Backbenchideas Blog Network and started working with the name.

As i stated ,its a tech blog at first and now through which i didn’t make any income till now.
Is it a good idea to make it as a blog network or something ! I am not even earning some $$$$ to talk about branding and all but i just want to do my blogs and works under a single network name !!

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome !!!Suggest me your personal ways in branding our blog name instead of our name :slight_smile:


Hi @thandavakrishnatk, “Back Bench Ideas” really sounds good. You can definitely make it as a huge brand… especially on Social Media. We have our own blog network called Slashsquare, under this, we have HBB, DeviceBAR, MoviesDrop, FoodGravy and other brands. :slight_smile:

It’s a wise idea to have a common hub to connect all your upcoming blogs…


Exactly bro! Thinking the same.But can i change that tech blog into a blog network ? or just use the name ?
and what are the steps to take in order to register that name at every possible place.If every thing goes well,it might be the name of our offline office as i want the name to be completely mine :slight_smile:


I dunno bro, it’s hard to say right now, how old is your tech blog? How many posts you have? :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar Its 3 years old domain and my traffic is 100/day from Google. It had 45 articles and i that content was not made to rank (Initial stages of blogging).No Very good link profile as well till now.


Cool bro, though “Back Bench Ideas” is not really a relevant name for “Tech” blog… we can still continue. But again, “Back Bench Ideas” sounds like a cool name for a company or startup as well. :frowning: Just think about this over for a while and let me know bro. Your opinion matters a lot here. :slight_smile:


Thank you @pradeepkumar bro. Backbenchideas is no more a tech blog and it will be backbenchideas blog network from now :slight_smile:

Hope this helps me in future as well :slight_smile:


All the very best @thandavakrishnatk mate, do update me on the progress! :slight_smile:


Thank you bro.Yeah sure will update the results in the forum :wink: