Blogger : Unable To Use Custom Domain


We used a custom domain on a Blog in blogger and deleted it after some time. And when we tried to add old domain on blog again, it’s not showing the DNS details. So, how can I use the domain? We don’t want to apply redirection and masking.


Hey @Adarsh_M bro, if you go to Settings > Basic > Publishing, you are getting this option right?

What happens when you add your desired domain name?


When I add the domain, after I click on save, it’s not showing anything . It’s getting saved.


Can you kindly share a screenshot of that page mate? It’ll be helpful. :slight_smile:



Bro, you got two CNAME records for this right? Are they still in your DNS records?


No, we removed it after it expired once. And bought it again,and so…


Just to see if there is any temporary bug, can you try adding some other domain name and see what happens mate? :slight_smile:


It’s working with other domains. But not working with that domain. And I tried to add that domain to another blog in Blogger, it is not showing on any blog.