Blog on expired domain vs fresh domain



I have a domain with around 2300 links (nofollow+dofollow). I have checked most of them using Ahrefs. They are from some tech blogs and some other sites like basicblogtips, hubspot, Kikolani etc. Should I start a new blog using that domain or should I use a fresh domain?

Registering Expired Domain Names? Here is a Checklist for you!

Identify quality of active links.

  1. Are links look’s like natural?
  2. Body links are more powerful then author box link.
  3. NoFollow simply does not add any value, so avoid to consider for ranking.

When you create blog on same domain then few things you need to consider.

  1. You have to post on similar topics, if you do in other niche, then Google simply assign this is expired domain and it is register by someone else, so we need to cut the maximum pagerank to flow. Just like you disvow some bad backlinks, google will apply same thing here.

  2. If you post similar article, then still Google will cut some juicyrank based on old title vs new title. It is same like github do version control to identify changed files.

Google seen many of blackhat webmaster doing this for PBN purpose and hence they might already apply many of other strict rule as well.


Thank you @Goyllo for your reply.

Are links look’s like natural?
A: Links are created from author box + inside the post + sidebar. It has almost 150 dofollow links out of 2.3k.

One more thing I just noticed. The Registration date is showing as 08/10/2010. However I purchased it in October 2016. Don’t know why it is showing an old date.


Inside post links are better, and if the blog is all OK (use web archive to check it’s past history), and it is not spammed, then feel free to use that domain name in your blog.

The registration date will not changed if domain registrar hold that domain and does not release for re-registration by other registrar. For example godaddy hold many good names, so you can regiter that domain name from only godaddy but not via bigrock. So I can’t say more on that, but hope you checked who-is information on original ICANN website.


Thank you @Goyllo for your suggestions.


I agree with everything @Goyllo said, wonderful tips!

Coming back to your question @sudipmus

You can consider Moz’s Spam Score to figure out the domain name’s current condition. They have several ‘flags’ to point out the mistakes in the domain name, you can get an idea about the creditability of the backlinks behind this website/domain using this. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar I have checked Moz as well. Spam score is 0.


Sounds good then bro, the only major problem with Expired Domains is, we can’t exactly figure out whether they had any issues with Google AdSense in the past, just remember this and proceed. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Will give it a try.