Blocked from joining and posting to Facebook Groups? Try this Form!



If are you blocked or restricted from joining and posting (or commenting) to Facebook Groups, then you must be very curious why this happened and how you can fix it.

Follow “Facebook Forms” tag to check all the necessary “Forms” to contact Facebook!

You’ll be getting errors/notifications from Facebook like these:

If you go to your Facebook Support Inbox, you can find a message like this:

USEFUL: Facing issues with Facebook Pages? Here is a way to let them know!

Why this happened?

Let me get this straight, you may or may not be responsible for this. If you used your profile to continuously spam Facebook groups, let it be self-promotional posts or any sort of unethical posts, then your profile/post will get reported, and Facebook groups will flag your profile. So, automatically all the posts by your profile will be flagged and won’t be visible to the group members. This is one reason.

If you used your profile to join random Facebook groups and give friend request to the members there, especially the ones in your opposite gender, then this is also one of the possible reasons. It’s not a big deal if they accept your friend request(s), but if they didn’t, and if they report you or decline your requests continuously, then that’s a big deal.

These two are the common reasons, as far as I know, they could have any other reasons as well, I’m not sure.

How you can fix it?

You can try this Facebook Blocks form and let them know about this, trust me, your block might be an accident or misunderstanding as well, so it’s worth a shot!

All these things happened to our group member, and he was annoyed about this, I guided him, and after two days, he got this:

INTERESTED? You can now Request Access to Facebook’s Branded Content Tool!

Now, he can join and post on all the Facebook groups using his profile. You can try this method and let us know if it works. If you have any queries, let us know below. :slight_smile:


It’s just appeal.

And in reality Facebook team does not read your explanation at all.

They got such appeal thousand per minute, for group posting, for photo(face) verification(Not ID one), for adding post on own profile which contain links etc.

Just write “what’s wrong with you guys?” and then it will turn off the restriction automatically. But don’t add other words, like Facebook sucks or WTF etc…

Facebook just see weather you make any appeal or not, and most of real spammer don’t send such appeal because they think it will disable their Facebook account.