Best Ways To Earn Money From A Instagram Page?

(Shubham Habib) #1

My friends has an Instagram page with over 100K genuine followers. Today he asked me some ways to earn from money the Instagram page. I was only aware of the shoutout method but he said its not much effective and he wanted some other ways.

So, Is there anyone who has a Instagram page or knows to monetize an Insta page properly.

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi @Shubham_Habib, it majorly depends on the ‘category’ of the page bro, if it’s about ‘Fashion’ or ‘Food,’ then I have personally seen plenty of folks making decent money out of that. You can check out “FameBit,” it’s an influencer marketing platform, you can add your page/profile there and collaborate with popular brands. :slight_smile:

(Dipen Sajnani) #3

You do promotions of other instagram accounts or you can also do CPA :slight_smile:

(Shubham Habib) #4

Famebit doesn’t has the option of Instagram

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

You won’t get the option to create an account using Instagram mate, but once you verified the account, you’ll have the Instagram option in your “Content” section. :slight_smile:

(Shubham Habib) #6

Thanks, let me check it :slight_smile:

(Shubham Habib) #7

Yep got it, but still under “Content”, there is no option to Add Insta account

(Pradeep Kumar) #8

That’s strange @Shubham_Habib, maybe it’s country-restricted or something, let me have a look!

(Shubham Habib) #9

Received this mail from support

(Pradeep Kumar) #10

This is bad. :’( You can collaborate with other Instagrammers and promote their accounts for a fee mate, this is the only reasonable way I can think of at the moment. :slight_smile:

(Prasanna Kumar Dasari) #11

Viral9 Network Have A look At It Bro

(Shejal Mittal) #12

Hii Dipen, what does CPA means??

(Pradeep Kumar) #13

It means “Cost Per Action/Acquisition” buddy… like when someone buys something, or does some action…

(Dipen Sajnani) #14

Basically CPA stands for Cost Per Action i.e when the user takes some action like buying you will Earn :slight_smile: