Best Ways To Earn Money From A Instagram Page?


My friends has an Instagram page with over 100K genuine followers. Today he asked me some ways to earn from money the Instagram page. I was only aware of the shoutout method but he said its not much effective and he wanted some other ways.

So, Is there anyone who has a Instagram page or knows to monetize an Insta page properly.


Hi @Shubham_Habib, it majorly depends on the ‘category’ of the page bro, if it’s about ‘Fashion’ or ‘Food,’ then I have personally seen plenty of folks making decent money out of that. You can check out “FameBit,” it’s an influencer marketing platform, you can add your page/profile there and collaborate with popular brands. :slight_smile:


You do promotions of other instagram accounts or you can also do CPA :slight_smile:


Famebit doesn’t has the option of Instagram


You won’t get the option to create an account using Instagram mate, but once you verified the account, you’ll have the Instagram option in your “Content” section. :slight_smile:


Thanks, let me check it :slight_smile:


Yep got it, but still under “Content”, there is no option to Add Insta account


That’s strange @Shubham_Habib, maybe it’s country-restricted or something, let me have a look!


Received this mail from support


This is bad. :’( You can collaborate with other Instagrammers and promote their accounts for a fee mate, this is the only reasonable way I can think of at the moment. :slight_smile:


Viral9 Network Have A look At It Bro


Hii Dipen, what does CPA means??


It means “Cost Per Action/Acquisition” buddy… like when someone buys something, or does some action…


Basically CPA stands for Cost Per Action i.e when the user takes some action like buying you will Earn :slight_smile: