Best QUIZ plugin for WordPress


I want to publish some MCQ type questions on my blog. Please share any good plugin for that. Free or paid (max budget - $30). Thank you.


Try WordPress Viral Quiz plugin bro, the ratings are good. :slight_smile:


Does this plugin have a feature like: Share the post on Fb/Twitter/g+ etc. to show result …?


I found this in their ‘screenshots’ section mate… :slight_smile:


Oh thanks. I didn’t notice it. Thank you for such a quick reply.


did you check thrive quiz builder?
It works pretty well as well


Check at MyThemeShop they launched a quiz plugin, my friend using it & it’s good.


I have checked the free version of this plugin.

Thanks to everyone, who has spent their valuable time to answer my question. I am using WP Viral Quiz plugin and it has everything what I need.



You can go with Watu WordPress Plugin. I have used it it has all the features that exam or quiz plugin required.