Best free 'trusted' SSL (https) certificate providers list for you!



Technically. :stuck_out_tongue: Then, if I say “Hostgator”, “Bluehost”, and “A Small Orange” are 3 web hosting providers… then does it really count as “3” or “1” since “Endurance International Group” owns them all and probably uses the same resource? (._.")


Ha Ha LoL nailed it, like a Boss :sunglasses:
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Does its affect ranking while migrating from http to https?


Google considers ‘https’ as a ranking factor bro, when you migrate from ‘http’ to ‘https’, it’ll take some time for the search engines to update the new structure, but the traffic won’t be affected during that time. :slight_smile:


bro any post on how to migrate successfully from http to https


I would suggest you to use WP Encrypt WordPress plugin bro, and you can follow this post.


installed lets encrypt certificate in cpanel and changed url in wordpress http by https now im unable to login into my wordpress and while im trying to open my website its redirecting to some other website in thailand please help me anyone?

  1. Which Hosting you’re using?
  2. Post your URL


Host: cloudverz


Works Well in my side Buddy :slight_smile:


Hamma Now working <3 Thanq bro @the_mcnaveen


Even I Checked Admin Login Also, Everything Works Great.

You’re Welcome Bro <3 :slight_smile:


Thank You for your time bro :slight_smile:


It’s Nothing Buddy :slight_smile:

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Most of you guys don’t have to install it manually. Just ask your hosting provider they can do it for you in few clicks. :slight_smile:
We at Hostinko provide free ssl to everyone, you just have to ask, we will do the rest.


Can I use let’s encrypt on my managed go daddy hosting???


You can use bro, here are the related links for both the web servers:



USEFUL: Find whether your web server (website) is using Apache or Nginx!


Bro it’s not showing my server name


This is strange bro, will definitely look into the reasons, maybe something to do with the server’s configuration or some security plugins perhaps. :slight_smile:


Yes it’s strange. But I know u will find other way to know about server. So plz find it and let me know bro. And I also messaged you regarding the error in WP Subscribe pro plug-in plz help in that also.
And thanks for your reply and help brother. :heart: