Best free themes for Wordpress?




As I am short on budget I am looking for a free Wordpress theme for beginning. I think many of the experienced guys here will have some valuable suggestion on this. Please help.


Hey @jitheshkt bro, may I know your blog’s niche? It’ll be easy for me to pick the themes according to this! :slight_smile:


It is Android @pradeepkumar bro.


If you need a professional ‘tech’ kinda theme, I would suggest you to try ‘Magazine3’ themes bro, they are not free, but there is a chance you can get a review copy if you approach the developer.

We discussed something similar here:


Or you could ask someone to give a Free theme. But that would be bad for the developer.

Moreover, I have a full package of themejunkie themes, let me know if you want any.


Would you like to share any tech blog theme, would be appreciated. TIA :slight_smile:


Any Good theme from with good speed & minimal design?