Best Ad Network for Indian Traffic which have High CPM


Hey HBB Fellas…!

Which is the Best ad network We can use To earn money if we have Mostly Indian Traffic [ 1000+ Daily Page Views ] ?

Suggest Few Ad Network with good CPM :’)


Thank You In Advance :slight_smile:

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You can try “Propeller Ads” if you haven’t bro. Heard decent reviews about this one. But, to be honest, nothing can beat Google AdSense unfortunately.


media dot net is also nice !! it gives you more freedom then adsense


You have to use/test those ad network on which the number of advertiser is more.

The media buyer best choice is Adwords and Facebook first. and when they want to scale their campaign then they go for native ads or pop ads.

So as pradeep said, no body can beat Google Adsense right now, because there are lot’s of advertiser target Indian user. And when there is more advertiser in same target option then they make bid higher, it means more earning to adsense publisher.

But you can definitely tryout Facebook Audience Network, and other CPM ads network like media net, in case if you’re not happy with Adsense.