bbPress WordPress plugin configuration help needed!



i am using happy theme my share

i need help in configuring bbpress


Hi @Shillpa_Gajendra, sorry for the late reply, let us know what kind of help you need, we’ll be happy to help further. :slight_smile:



thanks for reply.

I am not able to configure bbpress on

also can you help me with good theme for dance and fitness website?


Yes, most definitely, but before that, why bbPress and why not WordPress for your website? :slight_smile:


its wordpress website but i want to built community their like good reads thats why


Okie @Shillpa_Gajendra, we’ll be most happy to help you out. So you installed the bbPress plugin, right?

Can you kindly go to Dashboard > Forums > Add New

You can create a demo page for testing and share the link with us. :slight_smile: