Bad SEO Rank Of My Blog


My blog having bad SEO i all try but not any improve search my blog link in google to show many post image alt tag in google search engine i delete sitemap and resubmit but not show any improvement… Plz help friends my site is -


Hi @VivekDarji, I can see that you have been publishing articles with Hindi content (Hindi + English), it should be somewhat hard to rank compared to other generic blogs, what’s your blog’s daily traffic mate? :slight_smile:


Bro…my traffic is 250+ per day and main problem is alt tag attributes show in search engine…


Can you kindly explain this problem bro? :slight_smile:


Bhaai english weak he thodi to hindi me baat karunga…
Bhai aap apne tarike se google me mere blog ka URL search kijiye…aur pages ya post search engine me nahi aa rahe aur haa alt tag he jo mene upload kiye hue images ke wo google search me aa kaate he…post ki jagah


Your blog is getting indexed properly @VivekDarji, but I’m not able to read the content which is in “Hindi”, seems like your issue is related to something else… will definitely speak with someone regarding this and update you bro.


Hello @VivekDarji, I really appreciate with @pradeepkumar for language of your blog post. Most people are searching for solution in English over the Internet. You should monetize your blog traffic using Google analytics. I assume that major traffic came through the direct channel instead of organic, you should think about organic and referral traffic to increase your blog value.

You blog posts are indexed in search engine.

I found some image posts in the results. You should redirect attachment pages to the parent post URL.


Than You So Much Mam…:slight_smile:


Thank You Bro…:blush::slight_smile: