Backlinks confusion Post or Homepage Expert Needed



I am only creating backlinks to post, is it required to create backlinks on homepage.
Though I am interlinkg from all my post to home page.


No. It is good that you are making backlinks to post.


Do I need to my backlinks for homepage?


It’s like DA (vs.main) PA bro, I would suggest you have an equal ratio of backlinks for both. :slight_smile:

If you have a bunch of keywords you want to rank, then create backlinks for the articles having those keywords, that’s good. That’ll help your blog overall for sure. But, at the same time, it’s wise to build backlinks for your homepage as well, that’s gonna build your primary domain authority.


It’s always good to get the backlink for the post if you want to rank a particular post. Otherwise, you can go for the 60%-40% ratio (not compulsory) in favor of post.