Automated Coupon code site


I am new to affiliate marketing and want to make automated coupon code site without much more investment,

what i can do to create such a site?


Hi @keyursavaliya, can you definite ‘automated’ please? There should be someone who needs to update the coupon codes right? Like OLA will definitely introduce the new coupon or promo codes now and then…


Hi @keyursavaliya,
To build a fully automated coupon code site, you need to set up a bot with an ability to scrape all shopping site on a regular interval. It is really difficult to set it up in a limited budget. :frowning:


Sorry, I meant price comparison site.


Yeah, It’s Possible via API. But APIs are not Affordable (._.")


Content Egg Plugin with any theme (ReHub Preferred) for fetching products.

LinkMyDeals for coupon feed.

You can also get coupons in csv file from vCommission.


By automated , i want to say that you need to work little or no .
site takes data from API and post on blog.


Possible mate, but if you want to make it as a brand, then it’s better to hire a developer matching your needs. There are plenty of themes & plugins to do what you said, but they mostly copy/steal content. :slight_smile:


vCommission api is a nice choice for getting daily updated coupon deals.
I am building a site using this coupon api from vCommission which is now launched in beta