At initial stage of blog - Link building, is it Good?


(Anvesh reddy) #1

I have recently started a blog and overall has only 400 views.
Now if I start to build links naturally at a fast rate, will google consider me as a Spam or good blog?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Well, to be honest, Google actually hates link building bro, they don’t really encourage this, they want us to naturally get link backs from other relevant popular sources. So take this slowly, maybe a few blog comments and a few guest articles per month will be fine. :slight_smile:

(Anvesh reddy) #3

But once you said comments are the spam way to get back links.
How will this help in SEO?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

Bro, if you use Moz Pro and see the backlinks of any popular website/blog, you’ll find ‘comments’ there… see, they are good, if you use them normally. Like, be a reader and not as a blogger, just read the article and leave a comment with your website link…

(Anvesh reddy) #5

Big brands have millions of backlinks and comments are a part of them ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

A tiny part of them bro, like I told you once, they don’t need to do anything for backlinks, it’ll be automatically generated…