At initial stage of blog - Link building, is it Good?



I have recently started a blog and overall has only 400 views.
Now if I start to build links naturally at a fast rate, will google consider me as a Spam or good blog?


Well, to be honest, Google actually hates link building bro, they don’t really encourage this, they want us to naturally get link backs from other relevant popular sources. So take this slowly, maybe a few blog comments and a few guest articles per month will be fine. :slight_smile:


But once you said comments are the spam way to get back links.
How will this help in SEO?


Bro, if you use Moz Pro and see the backlinks of any popular website/blog, you’ll find ‘comments’ there… see, they are good, if you use them normally. Like, be a reader and not as a blogger, just read the article and leave a comment with your website link…


Big brands have millions of backlinks and comments are a part of them ?


A tiny part of them bro, like I told you once, they don’t need to do anything for backlinks, it’ll be automatically generated…