Are these .Blog Extension worth investing?



Recently resellerclub is providing .blog domain free for 1st year.
many people have started grabbing domains.
my question is in this internet where .com and other gTLD are covering major part of internet will this .blog domain craze fade away after few years?


Bro, as far as I believe, these extensions are really useful, but they are not for long-term blogs. See, if I have a brand, say ‘DeviceBAR’, then I’ll register (though we have for our main website), as a secondary extension, that’s all. I can never think of using the .blog extension for our authority full-time website. :slight_smile:


Is this deal still available? What’s the renewal price like?


I think it’s over
renewal cost up to 1650rs


good for Personal Branding
take 4 to 6 letter domain


Thanks, but I’m not really buying one though. I have a me domain and I’m happy with it.