Are Android rooting tutorials against AdSense policies?


I want to apply for AdSense on my Website, I have written a post on rooting Android. Will it cause any issue? Will they be not approve my site?? I cannot draft the post as it’s ranking.


This is definitely one of the frequently asked questions regarding Google AdSense… and the answer is, you may not face any issue. I just had a look at AdSense’s Prohibited Content page and I came across this:

According to them, “Pages that provide information on “unlocking” or “jail-breaking" cellular phones" is Acceptable. This is more or less similar to Android rooting I guess.

But, if you provide content, which is like, you know, sharing premium APK files for free or any other cracked app, then you’ll definitely face a serious issue, so avoid such posts. Let me know if you have any more queries mate. :slight_smile:


Thanks bro, for more safety I will add a disclaimer regarding it, that I am just providing information not misleading to illegal actions.