Any way to change my host temporarily for four days?


I am using a shared hosting.

For better experience my hosting company updating their servers.
Due to this i am facing some display issues on my site. I contacted them regarding this, they said like "We are updating wait for 4 Days :frowning: "

I dont wanna change my host as their support is good enough in all aspects. Any way to show my website for these 4 days without changing host “Temporary Hosting”?? Is it possible ? any way?


Hi @NAga_VaMshi,

If your server is under maintenance then you have to shift to another host for few days.
this is the only option you have right now.

Hope this helps,
let me know your feedback.



Hello Vamshi,

I know this is frustrating to have your website down for 4 days, and yes you can use a temporary Hosting.
You can use this time to get a Free SSD Hosting(Trial Account) at BaseZap.

This will give you the chance to also experience the awesomeness we provide!

Not just a free account to try, You will be eligible for a free transfer to BaseZap from your old host and we will also manage the DNS changes for you.

All you need to do is, Go to BaseZap(https://www,, Click on “Support” and Share the screenshot of this post and rest will be taken care of by our team of experts.

once you’ve experienced BaseZap, and your old host is up, You can safely move back to your old host(I am sure you wouldn’t want to :stuck_out_tongue: ).



If you are not feeling comfortable with your current web hosting, you can have a word with @Technopope and migrate to BaseZap asap bro. :slight_smile: