Any tips for event blog?



Working on event blog 40 days left for the event. Any tips would you guys like to give?




Yes @amit_kakkar, do read @iftiseo’s article and let me or him know if you have any other queries mate. Also, do read this… might be useful next time. :slight_smile:


I tried event blogs before some months and gave up at the time of linking !!Somehow i managed to rank some low comp keywords for mothers day which gives me a very little traffic.So i completely failed in making money from events because i didn’t worked on it :slight_smile:

After days,i Had a done a small research on some of the event blogs and decided not to do event blogging and here are the reasons.

Buddy i am not going to discourage you or some thing ! I am here just to notify you that Google is getting more smart and biggies are into the attack as well that is some of the branded blogs starting posting event based articles.

  1. OK!Here comes the first thing,Google FRED update .Exact match domain (EMD) with more spammy links are effected.But EMD with some what better link profile are still ruling the SERP.
    2.People started finding some more niches apart from event blogging because "feature snippet"feature of google killed most of the results :frowning:
    3.Remember,Using spun content on event blogs and some links doesn’t work now.
    Hope these three are good enough :slight_smile:

Ok!Event blogging is still a worth to try it as money was flowing.But don’t go with spun content and spamming things as at the end they just make your event blog as a worth less one.Just focus on the links quality and forget about the number of links.Make sure that you are working daily on your event blog.

ok here is your answer:

  • Start updating the articles

  • Make sure that your backlinks are indexed or not :slight_smile:

  • Try for more contextual linnks

  • Get some social signals

  • In the end,A few sitewide links.


Really appericiate your thoughts.

Can you tell me the exact way to get the backlings:

  • Conceptual

  • Sitewide

Would be glad if you can tell about both.


Never think about sitewide links.having sitewide links before 3 weeks of the event is enough and its risky.There are lot of people who can give you a sitewide link for some money but i wont prefer this to do.

Just ask your blogging mates to give a link for 2 weeks and its over.If not just leave the topic.

If you had a budget for buying sitewide,they instead of it go for .edu backlinks that is scholarship link building.It’s not that necessary for an event :wink:

Contextual links for an event blog are difficult :frowning: and mostly impossible !! Just think who will give us a link form their blog post to a spammy blog :frowning: