Any plugin to Display grid view on a particular page?



Hi everyone,
I am working on Education blog related to civil engineering. I would like to start affiliation (Only on books) in my blog.
Any way to Display suggested books on a particular page in a grid view.
Currently I am using POINT THEME by mythemeshop

Any page builders? or anything like that? which doesnt ruins my page speed?


Can you try Visual Composer’s Grid Element Builder bro?

Check this tutorial:


Here, There is this plugin called [News Codes] mate. This can help you to add pre-defined grids to the posts. Another Similar plugin is [Content Blocks]. This is More advanced and has more layouts. If you are searching for some advanced level, Better go with that [Grid Builder]. Hope this helps.


Hello @NAga_VaMshi,

It seems you are starting an Edu-Affiliate blog, Thats awesome :wink:

I got your query so before providing a solution. I will break this in two parts ( You can pick the easiest one )

  • Theme’s Inbuilt feature

  • Plugin based Feature

Theme’s Inbuilt feature
So if you want grid view feature in your theme then you may have to switch some other theme because POINT WordPress Theme does not support Grid Layout.

If you want to continue with MTS then you can switch to other grid layout themes from MyThemeShop.
Just search for “Grid” on MTS homepage you will get many other Grid layout based themes.
I am posting a link for your reference.

Plugin based Feature

Grid layout can also be achieved via plugins.

But before opting for a premium plugin I would suggest your to search for a free alternative at, Because before approval every plugin as to go under hardcore tests by various developers of WordPress plugin review team and every plugin is developed according to strict WordPress coding standards, Did I tell you that has more than 51,000 plugins ready for you?. :smile:

I am sure plugin will work on your website without breaking anything.

In order to apply Grid view to a single page on a website, search for shortcode based gird view plugin which will help you to add grid view only where you want.

I am attaching a link for your reference

Hope this helps.

If you are facing any other issue let me know.



thank you so much for your time bro will check into it and get back to u thanks a lot