Any place to sell my micro niche site


Is there any group available on Facebook where I can sell my micro Niche site. It’s 6 months old.


Why not use online marketplace like flippa (Or do alternative search on Google) or go to some forum section. I don’t think active/genuine guy who do often buy- sell business are depend on FB groups.

And If you find any group, then get ready to see tons of BS message, they just want to see your micro niche site, so It’s not a good place at all.


Don’t know about Facebook Groups, but if you’re serious about selling it, PM me with last 3 months of analytics, payment information of last 3 months as well.

Alternatively, You can give a shot to Flippa or Empire Flippers.

Quite Right, The only solution to this is take like 10% advance refundable payment from users who are willing to know the URL before buying. It’ll reduce the ratio of time wasters and keyword stealers like 70-75% . Even ifs its refundable.