Any one using facebook instant articles?


Any one using Facebook instant article. Is it useful? If yes please share your experience.


There are pros and cons for this mate. :frowning: I have seen plenty of popular bloggers, take Amit Bhawani for example, reverting back from Facebook Instant Articles. I somehow feel they are restricting the way we customize our blog layout… so even we avoided this. It’s the same for Google AMP. Maybe they are good, but we are ready for that yet. :slight_smile:


We can’t use both WordPress page and Facebook instant article.


Once you configure Facebook Instant Articles, all your website articles appearing on Facebook (mobile app) will be branded by their own environment. This is unavoidable mate.


Actually I want to use it for our company product i.e ProofHub. For branding purpose.


I would suggest you optimize your website’s mobile layout mate, make it responsive and fast-loading, that should be fine. :slight_smile: Consider this scenario, if your website has Facebook Instant Articles feature, then whenever your reader opens the article, he/she can only share it further on Facebook alone, he/she can’t tweet, comment, or WhatsApp the link to anyone… which is a huge restriction IMO.


How can I activate automatic updation of my blog content to the page? I have submitted my Facebook Instant Article feature right now.

Trying to know the automation process.

Will my upcoming post be automatically shown as Facebook Instant Article on my page? Else, I have to do manually?

Integrated the WordPress plugin as well.


Sathish Satz.

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Hi @sathishluvsatz, this answer will be helpful for you. :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks for the info mate. It seems to be helpful. :heart::yum: @pradeepkumar.

Have a great day ahead.


Can I use the url instead of


You can post this as a separate query next time bro. :slight_smile:

Both (sub-directory) and (sub-domain) have different uses mate, they have their own pros and cons, we picked because we thought the word ‘forum’ is visible at the front and it’s easy to establish the purpose quickly.


I am asking for facebook articles…


No no bro, they don’t exactly need any specific URL because it works inside the Facebook app. :slight_smile: