Any one has a client?

(Anvesh reddy) #1

Anyone n this group managing clients and helping them to make sales ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Slashsquare (my company) is a web consulting media as well bro, we do have some small-scale clients. :slight_smile:

(Anvesh reddy) #3

attaining a level to maintain clients and making sales for them.
What level of SEO or digital marketing skills required?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

I’m not sure about the ‘level’ here bro, basic SEO knowledge is pretty fine. Check out all the Google tools and master them, should be good enough for Digital Marketing entry. :slight_smile:

(Anvesh reddy) #5

Ok, But where do you find these clients?
If they already have one doing work for them, how you will convince them to hire you ?

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Try to get your clients locally first bro, maybe somewhere near to your place… start like that, after getting some clients, create a portfolio on your website, use that to pitch and email, then we can get more clients. :slight_smile:

(Anvesh reddy) #7

I wish i could make sales that way
And I wish Pradeep also make many millions using this SEO stuff :blush: