Any expert in Blogger platform here?


I am facing a technical issue with one of my blogs. Need help to resolve. Thanks.


Do kindly share the issue here mate. :slight_smile:


@ranganbadri I keep checking this forum in the hope that there will be a blogspot related query too, soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes, post your query, I’d love to answer. :slight_smile:


Thanks Verma.
Here is my blog URL:

The browser redirects the user to the URL below.

Any help to resolve this?


Hi bro,

Remove the widget named “Vadakalai Thaniyans” from your blog. This problem caused due to this widget. just remove it.


Looks like @svignesh1994 bro already solved the problem. :slight_smile:


I bow to you Shivansh. Excellent advise.
A million thanks.:slight_smile:


@ranganbadri real helper is @svignesh1994, I just quoted his answer. :slight_smile: