Any cheap webhost for hosting a new WP blog?

I am looking for cheap hosting. However, DO is declining my SBI Global International Card. The reason is it has no recurring payment enabled.

Now tried every cheap hosting available but most of them have only a GB of RAM, or No SSL at all. or just slow.

Now suggest me some good and cheap hosting. Cloud preferred. Budget is just $2 to $3 only.
It should include atleast 2GB RAM more than a TB of transfer and atleast 30GB storage for a single site. Free SSL should also be included in the price

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I personally have good experience with BaseZap and SiteGround, bro, but if their basic plans don’t fit your budget, then kindly have a look at any upcoming festivals or deals, they usually reduce their prices a lot. If it’s urgent right now, I heard Namecheap and BigRock have decent cheap plans too.

I decided to go with dreamhost. I have purchased the monthly for $4.9

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How cani get a refund from Dreamhost? They really suck. I dont know why people refer dreamhost -_-.

Now i dont know will they ever refund the money back.

What happened, bro? You can request for a refund, it’s too early.