An easy way to check your pending Facebook friend requests!


I have seen people asking me this question often, but it’s easy to find, yet not exactly available directly.

Go to your Facebook Friend Requests page, there you’ll find the Friend Suggestions and Friend Requests by default. Below that, you’ll find a link “View Sent Requests”, click on that, in this section you’ll find all the friend requests you gave, and yes, which are in pending state.

We might have given plenty of friend requests to the people we know and to the people we want to know, but we don’t really check later whether our friend requests got approved or not. This page will help you to finalize whether you need to cancel your pending requests or not. :’)


Any tool to cancel all pending sent friends request at once?


Haha, that’s risky mate. Don’t try anything like that.


Hi bro,

You can use a tool like “Toolkit for Facebook” (a chrome extension). Use and anything as the password to activate premium features and then go to “Removal Tools” tab and there you’ll get the option to cancel all the pending sent friend requests. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried this myself, and nothing happened. But, something CAN happen if you’ve SO many pending sent friend requests.


I have so many pending request and now i have to remove all requests one by one ! Requests was there when i was in college ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahah, same here bro, I was honestly surprised to see some pending requests, I thought they were in my friends list. :joy: