Amazon affiliate trademark issue?



My amazon Canada account was closed due to a trademark violation. The same blog is already approved by amazon India, USA, Germany and UK. I had some dollars in Canada too :confused: . I’ve not used any trademarks in domain name. Any idea about this?


This is bad bro, trademark violation as in, something to do with your domain name or? Can you kindly share any screenshot or the official email you got please? :slight_smile:


My domain name doesn’t contain any kind of brand name or trademarks in it. I have not done any kinda “known” trademark violation :confused:


I have reviewed your application to the Amazon Associates Program and found you listed the URL for your web site as: / your web site includes the unapproved use of trademarked words, images, or reviews.

We dont allow the use of URLs, trademarks, logos, etc. that include words that are trademarked by LLC. This includes variations or misspellings of any trademarked words. Therefore, were unable to accept your application. As a result of this decision, youll no longer be able to access your Amazon Associates account.

While our application form will accept multiple URLs, we process the the form as a single application. If one URL in the application is unacceptable, the entire application will be unacceptable. However, you may reapply any time using the acceptable [URL/URLs] you provided.

Please review our Operating Agreement for further details:

We hope to see you again.


Have you been using any modified version of Amazon ‘Buy’ button or any other unauthorized button apart from the ones provided by Amazon here bro? I heard about cases where some folks’ account got suspended because of this. :frowning:


Shit. I usually use buy now buttons which I create using thrive builder. But I don’t think that’s a major issue. I got my account approved by Germany, UK, India, USA with the same buttons :confused:


These buttons looks like shit bro, how can you get conversions from these. Also I’ve seen a lot of top authority websites using their own buttons for amazon, I don’t think this is the issue :frowning:


Possible bro, do review your blog once again and reapply. I’m sure it’ll be accepted back. Do kindly update me. I’ll speak with someone else regarding this as well, I used and only primarily for affiliate marketing. :smiley:


Yea, cool bro. Also I recommend you to try Germany and UK affiliate with because trust me. You’ll surely get few pounds every month from those blogs. You can use Payoneer to get payouts. :slight_smile:


Definitely bro, thank you so much! Still experimenting in this field, would love to learn more. <3



Videos, product images, and reviews written/created outside of, including professional reviewers, authors, publishers and customers, are copyrighted by others. We display them on our site by permission from those third parties. doesn’t have the legal right to give you permission to access, use, or display them.

If you wish to use’s product images on your website, you may obtain them by creating Product Links on Associates Central or through Product Advertising API. Customer product reviews are also available through Product Advertising API. Your use of product images and reviews obtained through Product Advertising API is limited by the terms of the Associates Program IP License Product Advertising API License Agreement, which is available here:

Before deciding to access product images or reviews through the Product Advertising API, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full terms of the License and in particular with the terms relating to storage, display, and refreshing data.

Thank you for your continued participation in the Amazon Associates Program.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

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I’ve taken images from That’s the issue it seems!


Oops, thanks for sharing this bro, we need to be very careful unfortunately. :frowning:


Take a look at this it clearly states that it will send you to


How about these ?


These are good too…I also had an look at Android authority they also have food buttons