Already approved adsense account, can I apply same to my different site?


I have already approved Adsense account and I want to apply the same to my different website. Early the steps are simple that goto other product and put new site. But Adsense change their policies and in other product, there are other options, apply for games, apply for videos. So how can I apply for my new site?


You don’t need to do that you can use same account’s ad without approvals. For youtube and admob you’ve to get permission again. But remeber, your new website must comply adsense policy or you’ll lose your account.
Don’t use ad on website which serve:
Hate and criminal related content
Pornography and adult content
Pirated material
Copied content
Some thing can be ignored like usign copyright images with credit or less content post

#3 I have this site that approved with Adsense and I want to connect to this also so how can i ?


Just add your ads on your other site. Add site into adsense in site setting. You can group ad for both website