Akismet marking your Comments as Spam? Here is a Solution!



If your blog comments are marked as spam by Akismet (WordPress), then it’s a pretty serious issue, because most of the blog owners rarely check their comments ‘spam’ folder and approve it, it’s tedious these days. If you are not aware, Akismet is a part of Automattic which is the parent of WordPress (.com & .org). There is a way to contact Akismet and let them know about this, I’m not exactly sure how effective this will be, but it’s worth trying.

You can use this Akismet Contact Form and request them to look into this matter. Open the link and search for something, you’ll find a contact form like this below:

Pick “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake.” Here you can tell them what exactly happened in detail and mention the concerned email address as well here.

But, is this a permanent solution? Nope, I would suggest you look into your commenting strategy first. If your comments are like self-promoting yourself with links, then it’s obvious blog authors will mark them as ‘Spam’. So when 4-5 bloggers do the same to your comment, then Akismet will understand you are a spammer and they’ll blacklist your email address.

Have you faced any issue like this? Do you know any other tip? Do kindly share with us! :slight_smile:

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I had faced this problem earlier, the support team of Akismet is superb, they will reach you within 2-3 days with a solution for the spam comments problem.