Again need help with site indexing. Seriously!


hello bloggers,
Some weeks ago, i submitted my sitemap to google webmaster, it shows like this…

As you can see, my webpages and images are submitted!
also, today , I submitted the posts sitemap of my blog( to index new posts) and after some time, it appeares like…

and when I visited the Index status , it still shows 0 pages indexed! This is not a simple error, I can’t see my old and new posts on web except few posts. It appeares like this…

Please help me… My confidence is getting low, I am afraid that one day my site will be deleted from google!:frowning:


@pradeepkumar , need your help here mate! :slight_smile:


@Shashank_Barthwal bro, don’t worry, how many sitemaps you have overall? Using which plugin you created them? :slight_smile:


Bro i created them using Yoast SEO. Bro I am not able to see all of my posts i have submitted.
And also when i visit thirt party websites to know if my site is indexed or not, every website shows that it is not indexed!


Can you please share your website URL and sitemap URL bro? :slight_smile:


Bro, based @Shashank_Barthwal screenshot
His website link
Sitemap Link:


Thanks for sharing this @svignesh1994. :slight_smile:

So @Shashank_Barthwal, according to the sitemap, your website has 20 articles right?

You can go to your Yoast SEO settings and enable “Pages” as well for this bro.

And, please, don’t worry about all these minor issues bro, like we told you already, your website is pretty new, you published your first article on May 17th, 2017 only. You can check out this thread and do the needful:


Thank you so much bro…
finally my site is indexed. Now it shows index status!
Thanks a lot mate @pradeepkumar


Solution: Have patience for some months and maintain a good SEO!:slight_smile: