Affiliate & Monetisation alternatives


Please suggest some alternatives of Adsense & Amazon affiliate
Thanks in advance


Sorry for the late reply @someshHBB, I would suggest:

  1. ShareASale

  2. ImpactRadius

  3. AppSumo

  4. Hosting Affiliates


These are pretty good, but again, pros and cons.


@Thebloglogic Can you please provide the proof with 101 RPM?

And you can add direct link as media dot net, there is no need to add your blog link here. Promotion some times welcome more spammer, so it will be great if you provide the list with direct links.

Thank you.


@Goyllo check this screenshot. I have just click through my phone.

My blog is to new, so didn’t getting much traffic. So earning is less. I have applied some tricks to get higher RPM. currently i’m doing some research to grow up more.

Thanks buddy for replying.


It’s very rare to see such a report, because you’ve just 22 impression and you got $2.23. But in the upcoming days, the earning will be low, because I have tried media net in past and the result was not good compare to Adsense, the reason is most advertiser often use Adsense(GDN) to run their campaign compare to media.


@Goyllo in starting time my RPM is 7. After few day email to support team, talk on many topic via phone. After that it increases to 101 RPM.


Media net is CPC/CPM ad network, not a CPA ad network on which you can call/email your affliate manager and they will bump your payout. It’s fine if you’re getting good RPM, but few things I can’t believe on it.