Adstair is not releasing payment



i am working with from last 3 month but now they are not releasing payment of last 3 month and making excuse like network not released payment.

actually this company take your blog and placed ads with company account and commint they will increase your blog revenue but when month end and your payment time come they will start making excuse like payment is not release from network or their network is ban .

@pradeepkumar you have strong power they also submit article about you


I’m really sorry to hear this @Sachin_Yadav, I’m not affiliated with AdStair in any way, but please do tweet this to them and share the link, will be happy to give a shoutout on my side. :slight_smile:


Bro, How much Payment is on Hold?


1000 $

@Sachin_Alam are u working with them ?


@pradeepkumar here is my tweet plz check


$1000 is pretty huge bro. :open_mouth: I retweeted your tweet, let’s hope for the best.


That really huge payment bro.
Lets hope they will release.