Adsense won't approve my site why?


The first time they approve my account after some time it blocks my Adsense account, I sent application much time but same not approved, I apply from different but the answer is same. After that, I use my friend’s Adsense use code and apply on my site after waiting for one month ads doesn’t come. What to do now?
My site-
domain 1 year.


why adsense blocked your account?

Domain age is not matter. Now, Adsense approving very simple site with less content. Recently my friend got adsense approve without content his site javaf2f(dot)com. Try to change your site design very simple.


I already changed the theme approx 15 days ago and also applied for Adsense but still not approved…


why adsense blocked your approved account? or tell me Adsense disapprove reason