AdSense Request Rejected Twice, What Should Be Done Now



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Why did they reject your website mate? Do kindly share that email content or screenshot here pls? :slight_smile:


Below is the response i got from Google adsense team.


Thanks for sharing that @shandilyaajay, can you let us know something about your blog? How old it is? How many posts you have written overall? :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar This blog is more than 2yrs old and have around 75-80 posts… out of which 9 or 10 are published by me and rest of them are by the guest authors.


I would suggest you check the credibility of the guest posts mate. If Google is specifically rejecting your AdSense account regarding ‘Content,’ then you need to check your blog’s content quality overall. Check your guest articles, remove the unwanted ones, and update the old ones. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar thanks for the suggestion buddy! I’ll cross check my blog for any bad quality content.


Google ad sense have some criteria which need to follow then try i hope google will not reject your request
If you trying to verifying your website so you need 4 pages must be there home,contact,privecy policy ,about us, and regularly update unique content on your blog.


@shandilyaajay Bro Here are Important Things For AdSense Approval :slight_smile:

1.Use AdSense Friendly theme Like Magazine Pro, Eleven 40 etc…
2.Create Pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap & Also include Your Categories
3.Create an Professional Email Like, Use this Email To Send AdSense Approval Request
4.Your Blog Have Atleast 30 Posts Or More With Quality Content [ Not Copied ]
5.Apply When Your Blog Become 1-2 Month Old
6.Choose a Fix Niche And Start Writing About It
7.Last And Most Important Step, Apply Only When You are Getting Organic Traffic | Organic Traffic is Most Important for AdSense Approval :sunglasses:

Hope I have Not Missed Any Point, However Other #Pru Blogger will Help You a Lot…!

If I have Provided any Wrong Info, Plzz Correct Me @pradeepkumar Bro :slight_smile: