Adsense Policy Violation | Need Urgent Help


Hello Pradeep Sir and My Fellow Marketers.

On 13 December I received this email from Google Adsense. Let me know what should I do in this case.

I am copying same email here.

Dear Publisher,

On May 25 this year, we updated our EU User Consent Policy to coincide with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. This Policy outlines your responsibility for making disclosures to, and obtaining consent from, end users of your sites and apps in the European Economic Area ([EEA]

It has come to our attention that the site(s) or app(s) listed in the attached file do not obtain consent from users and, therefore, do not comply with our Policy. Our Policy reflects our understanding of GDPR compliance based on guidance from EU Data Protection Authorities (DPAs).

If you have received guidance from your local DPA which indicates that in fact your current approach satisfies its requirements for GDPR compliance, please let us know. In that case we would be happy to reconsider our assessment. To facilitate that, please send a copy of such guidance from your DPA.

The EU User Consent Policy outlines your responsibility as a user of our ad technology to:

  • Obtain EEA end users’ consent to:
    • the use of cookies or other local storage where legally required; and
    • the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads.
  • Identify each party that may collect, receive or use end users’ personal data as a consequence of your use of a Google product.
  • Provide end users with prominent and easily accessible information about those parties’ use of personal data

Please respond to this message by completing [this form }as soon as possible to inform us about your compliance approach. We will review your response and monitor your account, and take action if required by Feb 12, 2019​.

Find Out More:
You can refer to and our [ for more information on complying with our Policy. We also recommend that you consult with your legal department regarding your compliance with the GDPR and our policies.

The Google Policy Team


Hey, bro. You got a “Privacy Policy” for your blog, right? Can you kindly share that with us?