Adsense CPC Very Low What To Do for Increase CPC


Hello friends I hope everybody know about google ads not display for few hours on 15th September 2017 . After this I have notice on my tech niche ads cpc is very low, from till date i am receiving .01 to .03 ads cpc . any solution to increase tech niche ads cpc


The solution you found on internet about blocking categories/ads will not going to help you to get higher CPC, because the CPC is purely depend on what kind of users you’re getting on your website/blog. Adsense serve ads based on user interest, for example if I have search about cloud hosting recently on Google then I will see cloud based ads on your site and you may get higher CPC, but if any local user visit your site, who just use Facebook and watching nonsense videos on youtube then it will give you always 0.01 or 0.02 CPC, no matter your blog about high niche like insurance.

So write high quality article, like how to disable auto start program in windows 10, rather than download instagram for PC, or how to play android games on PC. Only your article will bring quality visitors to your site, and those quality user will always give you better CPC, For example lookout labnol blog, their all article mostly attract quality users.