Adsense Account showing less pageviews


hi friends
I got adsense approval for Techappsmedia website and i implemented adsense on it. after some days i started implementing adsense on my second website too. in google analytics my two websites pageviews it is showing 1500 but in adsense its showing only 1300. why these much of difference ?


you May already know that absence Counts the pages where it sown adds, UC browser, and other browsers which are using adblocker extensions. There google analytics count as a page view but won’t show in adsence as they are not showing any ads.


There are many reasons Adsense can show lesser pageviews.

First of all adsense does not show the pageviews of your website, it shows the pageviews or the number times adsense ads are loaded on a given website / page.

So if Adsense ads does not load, pageviews will not be counted. Reasons can be:

  • Slow Internet speed.
  • Javascript not enabled on the visitors browser.
  • Adblocker is being used by the visitor