Adding Tags on the Wordpress Menus like the Image below

(Samir Bakkal) #1

How can i get the “NEW” Tag like in the image to my wp website’s Menu?

Your Help will be appreciated :slight_smile: @pradeepkumar

(Ratnesh Sonar) #2

Hi @Samir_Bakkal,

You can easily do this using little bit of CSS and HTML SUP tag.
Please share URL of this site and your blogs URL.


(Samir Bakkal) #3 : site URL


(Ratnesh Sonar) #4

do you want it in your nav menu?
check the screenshot below

(Samir Bakkal) #5

Awesome!!! @ratnesh.sonar
I will be needing the Tag as per Requirement (like wherever Primary or Navigation Menu at regular Intervals). :slight_smile: