Adding Affiliate Links: How to add Affiliate Links with No-Follow


I was told, Affiliate links in Blog can affect Google Ranking as Google doesn’t like Affiliate Links.
I m using Goo.Gl for tracking & adding my affiliate links. How to add links to Wordpress with no-follow option effectively.


Have you done Google already? If yes then I think, I don’t understand your question properly.

If no, then It’s too easy to add nofollow attribute on any link.

When you select add rel=“nofollow” option, then your general link like this

<a href="">Example Link</a>

Will convert into nofollow link

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Example Link</a>

Here nofollow attribute tell Google to don’t pass your site reputation(PageRank) and anchor text to Example link. Generally people use nofollow attribute when links are paid(ads+promotion+affliate etc.) or adding bad site source just for example purpose.


I don’t have that option on my WordPress. I have few questions.

Do short links affect Affiliate tracking?
When someone shares my article on social media-I want an auto-generated Short Link.

  1. Short links does not affect affliate tracking, because affliate tool have their own pixel/server tracking system.

  2. It is possible via tinyurl API, contact their developer team, but it will be not free and I also don’t have price idea.


We all use Affiliate links bro, check out ShoutMeLoud and see how they implemented this effectively yet naturally. :slight_smile:

You can use “ThirstyAffiliates” for your Affiliate links, your URLs will be

Then use Yoast SEO and ‘noindex’ them.

Nope, but it causes unnecessary redirection.

From to to the original affiliate link.

You can tweak your social share buttons and keep the default WordPress short URL or if you want a custom short URL (like, you can check this guide: