Acquiring legit backlinks? [Open Discussion]


We all know that backlinks are and will always be important. I am curious about the various sources to acquire or earn backlinks from.

To be honest, I haven’t tried all the whitehat techniques out there like out reach, skyscraper etc. I have tried web 2.0’s and got mixed results.

I am curious how do all the bloggers here manage to get their backlinks from?

How trust worthy paid link building services are?

This is an interesting topic @Yuvraj_Wadhwani, most of our backlinks come from the gratitude of our fellow bloggers linking to our articles, our online interviews and other expert posts where we share our views on specific topics. :slight_smile:

Apart from this, whenever we write any reviews (product, service, etc.), we’ll try to message/email the brand and let them know about this. If our association with them is good, they’ll respond back, and we’ll request them to use our article as a resource on their website or their official blog press release. Most of them will feature our link in their testimonials and reviews section.


Thanks for the response Pradeep. I understand that bloggers in the same niche have the pleasure of linking to each other, but what about some other niche, like an Amazon affiliate blog. Those blogs are hard to earn/get link to :slight_smile:


Totally true! This is where PBN and other link buying services like LinksManagement come into play bro. Apart from this, they also use Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking services, etc. for this. I haven’t personally worked on a successful Amazon affiliate website bro, but when I experimented with it, the only way for me to prepare a good backlinks strategy is to figure out the existing popular Amazon affiliate websites and spy on their backlinks. That should help a lot for us as well. :slight_smile:


Makes sense. Let’s see what the other bloggers have to say as well :slight_smile: