According to you, what are some improvements to be made on HBB forum?


HBB forum is really nice and already reached 300 members. The admin of this forum @pradeepkumar is very active and helping every one who post their issues in this forum. I have actually seen, Pradeep is also posting answers on 1:00 AM which tells us about his dedication to the forum.

So guys, According to you, What are some improvements to be made on HBB forum ?

Actually, Pradeep is the guy who needs to start this discussion. But I am taking a step forward and asking you this question.

I think your answers would help pradeep in improving this forum and making it even better.

Mine is Start a new page call Top contributor, and add the members who got more replies, likes, posted topics will be added to the page.

So what is your answer ?


Let me be frank and clear…
I’m following many forums but I feel HBB is kind of behind. We should get more members to join.
What is happening here there are not a lot active threads are happening so people may leave.

No doubt @pradeepkumar answers all the questions and helps. I’ve never seen an webmaster to answers everyquestion on his forum.

Remember every thread is about question and answer. But there should be an thread that gives some kind of information.

I’ve been on this forum because it’s kind of lagging behind. I want to grow this forum. I want to see it growing.

Still now I’ve posted questions. But I did not had any chance to answer as there were not a lot of questions asked.

This is my deep heart feeling. But I’ll be always there for HBB.




Any new forum would be like that.

Yes, I will agree, There are less number of active threads.

But when HBB gets more members, Your will see thousands of active threads.


Definitely bro, it’s a new forum, and since we already have an active Facebook group, it’s gonna take some time for me to generate new members, but let’s make it slow and steady, I’m sure we’ll be able to reach our goals very soon. :slight_smile:

Will work on this too bro! Thank you!


I would love to do this, but Discourse has some limitations, I’ll see whether it’s possible with some plugins and work on it mate!



Try to post this on Discourse forum


Sure bro, or I can hire some developers and develop a plugin exclusively for our own works! :slight_smile:


If Changes mean Adding Features etc then I don’t have any suggestions, the forum already has a lot of features to carry it forward as a DISCUSSION COMMUNITY. As for the UI, its sleek and smooth, but I would surely like modifications in UI to make it more appealing. Not many forum these days have a good look. Discourse is still better, but I feel a custom coding over the default theme would result in even better output. Anyways, thats completely optional and kinda unnecessary for now.

We just need more and more discussions on the community. :slight_smile:

Say someone needs a help, he should be asking in the forum instead of the group. But it won’t occur so soon. Will take some time. :slight_smile:



What a dedication, Really love your words " I can hire someone".

No one spends money on forum, But you are different. That’s why, I love HBB and you pradeep


Sincerely, I want to see this forum grow. We have limited members here. If we are active in this forum, and keep sharing, the forum will grow.

And I have one suggestion, Instant approval of account will be more helpful and Spammer can be removed later.