About Bounce Rate 😐


From last few days my blog’s bounce rate is about 80% to 84%. It used to be 70-75% but I don’t know what is really happened :frowning:

Can anyone tell me how can I reduce the bounce rate.

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What about the traffic mate? Decreased?


Am…firstly, do you know what is Bounce Rate?

You won’t be able to control it if you don’t know what it is.


Make the users to stay on your site for longer time. Link to your older related posts wherever possible.


It increased, after the Google Fred update, there is almost 70% of increment in organic traffic


That’s good mate. :slight_smile: Regarding the bounce rate, I would suggest you to do these things:

  1. Remove annoying ads or widgets on your blog.

  2. Make your articles detailed.

  3. Interlink your blog posts, take Wikipedia for inspiration.

Your aim is to make your readers stay as long as possible on your website. Analyze your audience and provide what they need. If majority of your visitors open your website for ‘iPhone tips’, then post more about iPhone and make them circle your blog for a while.

We wrote a detailed article here:


My site bounce rate is fluctuating between 0.8% to 1.1% is it good or bad?

if its is bad please review my website civilread.com and give ur suggestions @the_mcnaveen bro @pradeepkumar bro


This bounce rate is pretty strange bro. :open_mouth: Can you share a screenshot, please?



Bro its just a 20 days old blog


Well, it’s cool now bro, don’t focus on your blog’s bounce rate at the moment, just work on the traffic part. The more traffic you get, the more specific your bounce rate will be. :slight_smile:


Well, going good bro day by day it is increasing. Nothing to worry right?

Thanks for Your time bro :slight_smile:


If your blog’s bounce rate is high, that means, people are visiting your blog and leaving soon bro, you can fix this by interlinking your blog posts, make them stay on your website as much as possible. :slight_smile:


Interlinking ,Embeddding youtube videos and catchy multimedia in blogposts helps you .All these helps if your post had matched content :smile:

Before adding or embedding youtube videos,

there are lot of questions regarding it,it will help in bounce rate issues but it increases the loading speed of the webpage and all.You can search in labnol for a method to embed youtube video without a much increase in loading speed :smile: .i personally never tried that but it may helps :slight_smile: