A way to write article. is this ok to post?


Writing an article is a big thing. we need to research on the topic and write it down.
We have many youtube videos. So if we convert that video to text format and post on our site with few modifications, Will this work ?


Yeap only you can use idea of such video i mean you can only use body of that video.
You need to write proper on page SEO Optimized article on it.
P.S: You can link that video in your post also.


But, how exactly you are planning to do this @Anvesh bro? :slight_smile:


Having text format of few videos and arranging these texts in paragraphs with subheadings.
For Example, Blogging is my topic, I take text from videos like How to setup WP site, How to monetize. How to generate traffic.
Now I Arrange this text in a paragraph form under their respective subheadings and include a conclusion.


This should be fine bro, but since the topics you suggested are ‘tutorials’ and ‘how to’ articles, do keep relevant screenshots here and there. :slight_smile: