A Smart Tip/Trick To Increase Website Traffic Via GIF Images



Hey, guys. For the past few weeks I have been experimenting a lot with GIF images on Facebook & Twitter. This is mostly for increasing our Social Media followers. We rely a lot on Facebook Ads, but again, I feel natural promotion and networking with like-minded people on Facebook will help more than that, but again, it takes a lot of time though.

Coming back to the post, here is smart aka small tip for you for make use of GIF images on Facebook. This is something we did for MoviesDrop, so we are sharing our experience here.

1. Finding Viral GIFs or Making One

We have a blog/brand for movies called MoviesDrop, so we wanted to experiment this trick via a GIF related to movies. Being a huge fan of Superstar Rajnikanth, I downloaded this awesome scene from Sivaji (2007) movie via YouTube. I did some tweaks via Final Cut Pro and prepared the GIF with the help of GIF Brewery. You can do GIFs like this via GIF Brewery or Giphy Capture. There are plenty of free ones available for Windows as well.

You can either use your own GIFs (by converting your favourite video scenes into GIF) or you can use the existing ones. It’s entirely up to you. When we create our own GIFs we own use our MoviesDrop logo and the movie name at the corner.

Small Tip: Always make sure the video length is around 8 to 10 seconds and the GIF file size is around 6MB, or around 8.3 to 8.4MB 6 to 7MB maximum. This is the one giving me good results all the time. If your GIF is not working, then try to reduce the size and time duration guys, Facebook is messing with this all the time.

2. Uploading This GIF To Your WordPress Blog

I’m going to share the steps we did for our own blogs, I love this procedure, you can feel free to tweak it according to your preference.

I’m assuming two things here: 1) You have a WordPress(.org) blog. 2) You have Yoast SEO Plugin installed.

1) Go to “Pages” > “Add New” > Create a Page called “GIFs” (or whatever you want to name) | then “Save” & “Publish” the page.

2) Again, go to “Pages” > “Add New” > Create a Page with the GIF title (the title of the GIF you created or you have).

3) Now, at the right corner, choose “GIFs” as ‘Parent’ and if your theme supports, select “Full-Width Page” as ‘Template’ (you can ignore this if you want).

4) Now, upload the GIF file in this post, and get the URL, something like: https://moviesdrop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Sivaji-2007-Coolers.gif

5) Below your post editor, you’ll find the Yoast Settings, go to “Advanced” and in the “Canonical URL” section, enter the GIF image URL. After this, save and publish the post. That’s all.

6) Your final URL will be something like this: https://moviesdrop.com/gifs/sivaji-2007-coolers/

7) Just to make things smooth, let’s go to the Facebook debugger. Enter this page URL in the “Sharing Debugger” text field and click “Debug”.

8) If you have followed all the steps, then you shouldn’t face any issue, you can see the ‘link preview’ as a GIF preview. If it’s not appearing like that, kindly use the ‘Scrape Again’ option after 1-2 minutes. That’s all. We are ready to experiment now!

3. Facebook Page & GIF

Go to your Facebook Page, and share this GIF page URL, I’m sure it’ll display as a normal GIF preview thing. Do post the GIF along with an engaging description, probably something like asking questions. After publishing the GIF, you can see at the left bottom corner, you can see the URL of your website. If you click on that URL, it won’t redirect to the GIF URL page, instead it’ll redirect to the Page in your Blog/Website which has the GIF URL. You got the difference right? Instead of redirecting to (https://moviesdrop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Sivaji-2007-Coolers.gif), it got redirected to (https://moviesdrop.com/gifs/sivaji-2007-coolers/).

Now, we all know GIFs are pretty viral on Facebook, you just need to share this GIF on your profile, some groups which allow this, ask your friends to share…. and finally you can use boost the GIF (with just Rs.40 or $1), I’m sure this small trick/tip will help you to get more “Page Likes” & “Website Views”. Do let me know if you have any queries regarding this, happy to help. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know this method, BTW I really love you Moviedrop GIF :heart_eyes:


Thanks a lot @Patilakashh, I started to create GIFs since I thought this will be easy to promote our pages initially, but right now, I dunno why, I’m obsessed with GIFs. :smiley:


Nice tutorial brother :heart: :slight_smile:


Hi, i did the things as you said, but still it is not working for me, can you help me? facebook is not changing Canonical URL.
i have tried million times, even scarped so many times and tried by creating new pages.
is there any thing i am missing, any other thing need to be installed?


This is strange bro…

This is working fine: https://moviesdrop.com/gifs/facebook-page-see-first-option/

But this is not: https://hellboundbloggers.com/gifs/empty-cache-and-hard-reload-chrome-tab/

Let me check whether Facebook or WordPress did something to restrict this feature… when I checked in the debugger, both of them showed the same properties though, weird.


I think facebook have limitation for Gif gif duration or Gif size… I faced this issue so many times…


I successfully did this for several GIFs, even now they are active. Time frame around 8-9 seconds.

This one is around 9-10 seconds:


I guess I agree with what @Ramnadh_KB said, I created a GIF (like mentioned in this post) but this time it’s just around 3-4 seconds, and it’s working fine. :slight_smile:

Try to shorten your GIF and see if it’s working @Vikas.


still not working for me. can you please any gif you are using, i will test it let you know if it works


still not working for me. can you please share any gif you are using, i will test it let you know if it works


This is the one I used bro:


It’s a test GIF, you can use the debugger for this and see. :slight_smile:


your url working great.
but for me on my site, it is also giving me a error like this:
Mismatch og:url and canonical url
og:url tag in the header is not the same URL as rel=‘canonical’ link in the html.

Can you help


Kindly share your GIF and a screenshot of the debugger results mate!





Do you found any solution? any other changes i need to do to perform this?


I somehow feel the problem is with your theme bro, do kindly change the theme temporarily and check this please. I’ll look into your debugger results further tonight. :slight_smile:


Sure thanks :slight_smile: i will let you know if this works


Disable this plugin “Open Graph Meta Tags generated by MashShare 3.3.9” or just disable opengraph option if this particular plugin and use Open graph meta tags of Yoast plugin itself…
It will definitely solve your issue… :sunglasses: