A complete newbie to blogging

(Tech Vs Tarun) #1

How do guide a guy who want to start blogging? Like he doesn’t even know how to publish an article…

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #2

I don’t know anything about blogging, but my friend of friend have one tech blog, so I read his blog post whenever he shared it in Facebook. Then I think, let me start my own blog as well, so I start Google, how to start blog, then I get few basic knowledge of blogging platforms, I pick blogspot because it is free, then I start Google “How to create blog in blogspot” then I learn few more things and subscribe or read their all post on other things as well, So I get more n more knowledge about blogging. Later I compare my blog to others, in terms of design or widget, so I ask question in forum or in fb groups about how to add such a thing in my own blog as well, so again I got more knowledge. So it’s all about your excitement and passion, and then you learn yourself.