8 Exclusive Tips To Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

  1. Place your affiliate links on your content so many times

  2. Place your affiliate URL in the product image
    (Note - place the URL only on the top 2 to 4 images because if you place it in all images then it may also lead to disable the amazon affiliate account)

  3. It is a must to add all the pros and cons of the product it absolutely improve your sale in a high range🎓

  4. Do some posts like product reviews and some of the comparision post among the products which results in high sales📒

  5. We should not add the price of products at any cause because it is one of the terms of Amazon.:scream:
    ( Note - use easyzon plugin which takes care about your sales by improving the CTR)

  6. Use only the best sellers’ product which help you acquire unique range and increase your sales😇

  7. Ensure that you are using mythemeshop schema or thrive theme because it is very crucial to improve your sale by maintaining the quality design of your site

  8. Build a strong call to action and try to place it on 3 to 5 areas because it is very important and it also a must to place it on the end place
    (Note - try to use some of the fascinating words which makes the buyers to buy it)

I think all the above mentioned tips would be very helpful for your niche…:grinning:

Don’t forget to post your valuable comments!!:joy:

Happy Blogging :grin::rocket::crown:


How about using REHUB tether.
One question - Is content egg good? It displays the rate of the product with the current price.